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Sell Startup Benefits , Not Features

Learn how to position your marketing strategy towards customer benefits instead of features.

Sandra D.

Sandra D.

Chief Early Marketer & Co-founder

March 12, 2024

You have to stand out to thrive in today's competitive startup ecosystem. To succeed, founders have to be innovative in attracting and retaining customers.

It’s tempting to prioritize new features and impress customers with technology. But you get better results discussing the benefits of your startup rather than features.

Let’s explore the difference and importance of emphasizing benefits over features in driving startup growth and customer engagement.

Benefits vs Features

What’s the difference?

Benefits explain how a product or service fulfills a user's needs or solves their problems. To sell the benefits of your startup, focus on the value and outcomes that users gain from using the product or service.

Features are the characteristics or functionalities of a product or service. Features describe what the product does or how to operate it.

Apply the Psychology of Selling

As human beings, emotions and desires deeply influence our decision- making. When promoting a startup, it's essential to appeal to these emotional triggers by highlighting the benefits that resonate with users.

For example, EarlyAccesshq.com creates a waitlist for startups to collect early adopters. Showing founders how to optimize the landing page to attract customers yields better results than bragging about how fast the system is.

How to Sell Benefits

Applying the human psychology to your marketing strategy is a game changer. Consider the following to identify and highlight the benefits of your startup:

  • Address pain points: Motive users by providing solutions to their problems. Research the challenges experienced by your potential users and show them how you are addressing it.
  • Create desire: Tap into users' aspirations and desires. By showcasing the positive outcomes and improvements that your startup enables, you create a sense of desire and aspiration, driving interest and engagement.
  • Paint a picture of success: Paint a vivid picture of the user's experience. Instead of listing technical specifications or features, focus on storytelling and imagery to illustrate how your startup enhances users' lives or workflows.
  • Build a relationship with your audience: When discussing benefits, use language that resonates with your target audience. Understand their values, aspirations, and pain points, and tailor your messaging accordingly.
  • Demonstrating value proposition. Highlight the differentiation between your startup from competitors. By highlighting the unique advantages and outcomes that set your product or service apart, you create a compelling reason for users to choose your offering.
  • Quantify results: Whenever possible, quantify the benefits of your startup in terms of tangible results or outcomes. Whether it's time saved, cost reduction, or productivity gains, concrete metrics strengthen your value proposition and credibility.
  • Customer-centric approach: Create a customer-centered approach. This means prioritizing users' needs and experiences to sell your startup as a solution.

Is Your Startup Benefits Oriented?

Give your startup the benefits test using the strategies mentioned in the article. By shifting the marketing from features to benefits, founders can create more impactful and resonant messaging that connects with users on a deeper level.

At EarlyAccesshq.com, we help you create a landing page that highlights the benefits of your startup. You can easily sell your benefits and value proposition and attract early adopters with our waitlist builder. Get started today!

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Sandra D.

Sandra D.

Chief Early Marketer & Co-founder

Sandra is a tech enthusiast who loves writing. For leisure, She enjoys a good thriller, hugging trees, and hiking.

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