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11 Waitlist Builders to Market Your SaaS

Want to start your email marketing? We have outlined the best waitlist builders to help you build the perfect email campaign.

Sandra D.

Sandra D.

Chief Early Marketer & Co-founder

February 26, 2024

Waitlist builders are platforms that help you build a database of early adopters. The database can include email lists, phone contacts, and social media pages which you can use for referral marketing.

Most waitlists will give you a signup page where interested individuals can subscribe to access your product. If you are a new founder, waitlists are a great way to revamp your marketing strategy.

Here’s a list of the best waitlist builders to help you grow and manage early adopters. These tools offer a range of services to capture leads, engage potential customers, and create excitement around your product.

1. EarlyAccess

EarlyAccess is one of the fastest waitlist builders on the internet. With this toolkit, you can build viral waitlists of early adopters in seconds.

The platform accords everything you need to kickstart your marketing campaign. You can launch a product with an attractive landing page and include a waitlist to collect early adopters.

The landing page can be a simple signup or subscribe page or contain details of your product. Include Images, Videos, social media pages, and Testimonials to entice potential customers to sign up for your waitlist.

EarlyAccess helps you to validate your ideas, launch your product, and implement a remarkable marketing campaign.

2. Getwaitlist

Getwaitlist creates waitlists with viral loops for your product launch. They have a built-in referral, email marketing, analytics, leaderboards, and captcha tools.

Their customizable waitlisting tools will help you to seamlessly launch your next product. You can configure your signup form, pre-launch experience, email marketing, and referral settings exactly as you wish.

3. Viral Loops

Get early adopters and market validation with a referral waitlist with Viral Loops. The platform allows you to customize your waitlist to match your brand. Use their non-code editor to change the language, buttons, and display options to suit your product needs.

4. Getlaunchlist

Getlaunchlist builds you a viral waiting list of early adopters quickly. You get to save launch time and get more signups for your early-stage products. They have unique waitlist features with pre-launch gamified viral waitlists to kickstart your marketing campaigns.

5. Prefinery

Prefinery offers a comprehensive waitlist and referral marketing tools. The platform provides a wide range of features to build and manage your pre-launch audience.

They have customizable waitlist forms, automated email campaigns, and viral referral programs. Prefinery provides everything you need to create successful pre-launch campaigns.

6. Waitlistr

Waitlistr is a waitlist management tool that builds and manages waitlists for your product or service. Their customizable forms, automated email notifications, and real-time analytics make it easy to manage early adopters.

Their toolkit will keep your audience engaged and informed throughout the pre-launch phase.

7. Waitforit

Create a waitlist with waitforit in 3 simple clicks. They give you a customizable waitlist form to embed to your site, or as a link in your bio. You can now stop spending time building a waitlist and get an embedded email verification in one tool.

8. Tuemilio

You save time and energy developing a waitlist when using Tuemilio.

Their toolkit helps you design a modern waitlist fit for your target market. They have everything you need to collect emails and start growing early user numbers for your startup.

9. Sikey

You can validate your ideas with beautifully crafted templates on Sikey. The software helps you to effortlessly build captivating landing pages for your product ideas.

You can monitor waitlist signups and send newsletters to kickstart your validation journey. They have all the essentials to validate new business ideas.

10. Waitwise

Waitwise offers integration tools for your perfect waitlist. You can integrate waitlists on your website using a variety of front-end languages and frameworks. Waitwise helps you to collect emails effortlessly using a plug-in form.

11. Subpage

Build a ‘coming soon’ waitlist page for your business with Subpage. You can choose from a wide variety of beautifully designed page layouts that suit your brand.

How to Choose the Right Page Builder

Building a waitlist is an essential strategy for generating excitement and building momentum before the official launch. The right waitlist page builder provides everything you need for a successful launch.

These may include a functional landing page to collect and manage client emails. They can also provide analytics and software integration tools to engage your clients and set the stage for the product launch.

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Sandra D.

Sandra D.

Chief Early Marketer & Co-founder

Sandra is a tech enthusiast who loves writing. For leisure, She enjoys a good thriller, hugging trees, and hiking.

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